Open treasure of opportunities

We know, to find the right students in year starting is a tough job. Made the platform only for you to fly in the open sky with your strength. Just make your strong glass door with your expertise and work experience. Actually students are wondering for the real education, just we need to provide the right path. Every side has weapons, just you need to become a magnet!

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Make your own treasure in any language

Many times we have the knowledge, but we are unable to share it widely. In the era of the digital world, though we have good knowledge and materials for scholar students, we need to provide well categorized digital content to scale our progress exponentially. Very clean and easy platform to insert all types of materials.

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Track all things

Make a group of students in your class. You will have access to filling attendance, insert weekly/monthly/yearly exam result, fees details, each student progress graph, homework of whole years, etc. All things required for a teacher are well designed, just you need to use it. Data says truth!

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Schedule Online Exam

How easy when you conduct an exam of the whole class by just one click! No paper stuff! Design your own test papers, schedule date and time. Over! On that date and time, the exam will be started. The assigned students will give from anyplace by their mobile and the instant result will be declared. Awesome! Much secured!

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Earn from Home

Make a classic digital classroom which attracts everyone. The student should find the truthful content and say Wow! We are here to provide all required tools and service, just you need to make magic which surprises the students. If students find good, they will call you directly. Double the strength of your class in each year.

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Grade up a profile by student's review

The more visibilities of your profile depending on how you are solving the query of the student in an open query platform. Check the query at any time and provide the answer by your mobile, it is just like replying to someone in a text message. Very easy and simple!

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Happy to help you!

We want to keep improving this open platform which can help people and enrich their life. If you want to customize or want to change any functions, just write to us on