Digital Class in the Digital Era

Keeping the data digital shows a lot about your institute at the year-end. Insert and edit the data at any time with your mobile. Student attendance, fee, student info, homework, results, exam status, etc. The statistic graph shows your achievement effectively at academic year-end.

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Make your Own materials and Share it

Effective learning materials is a treasure for us. Why not we share it with needy and get credit in coins? KC is the right platform where you can put your learning material securely and can share to selected students or to class or to all.

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Online Exam on given Date & Time

Weekly or monthly exams are necessary for students to practice. Why not we use the open free platform for creating the Online MCQ based exam and can conduct among the students ? Just choose the date and time for exam. Get instant result and statistic graphs.

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Help to other students every week

Create and share anyone question paper every week with all students of every class to do the practice. This post will reach to all students and will practice. Helping others is the way we help ourselves.

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Share privately to your Class

Create notes, short questions, long questions, MCQ, test papers stocks, weekly/monthly/yearly exam papers, etc. in your language at any place at any time. Use Voice to text feature in your mobile keypad and write fastly. Your materials will create your strong brand value in future!

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It is Safe and Secured

Your private class and materials should be secured enough to use them in an effective manner. Feel like your own software platform where your decision matters a lot. Your own cloud space will spread the fragrance of your work too rapidly to whole the world!

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Happy to help you, if you have any suggestions

We want to keep improving this open platform which can help people and enrich their life. If you want to customize or want to change any functions, just write to us on